Leaving 2015, and coming into 2016...
Friday, January 01, 2016

Wow...Its January 1st, 2016!      Let me start by saying, 2015 was an amazing year, personally, business wise, and experience wise. I met some crazy awesome people, took photographs of some amazing people I never thought I would have the chance to work with, experienced things in 2015 that I had never thought I would experience, and I was offered things in life that I never ever thought were possible. It had its up and downs, but, more ups than it did downs. I must say, I am tearing up thinking about the things I want to say in this blog post. First, I must say this, THANK YOU. I don't think I can ever say thank you enough to all of my amazing, loving, caring clients. You guys make everything I do possible. You guys push me to become a better person. You guys push me to treat people better than ever. You guys push me to show people love and compassion. You guys push me to make my work better and better each session. You guys push me to be the person that I have become. I wouldn't be the person that I am today for you guys have personally touched my life. Each of my clients, which are more like my friends, have left something with me that makes me think of aspects in my life that I can do better as a person. You guys have given me purpose. For the longest time, I have felt as if I am a person with no purpose. I would wake up each day, and do daily ...